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Author Topic: Melbourne teacher wrongly imprisoned for child abuse demands investigation  (Read 1526 times)

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Melbourne teacher wrongly imprisoned for child abuse demands investigation

Ms Greensill, a retired teacher, was 59 years old when she went to prison after two men accused her of child sexual abuse, including full intercourse when they were eight years old and she was their year 3 teacher.
From the outset, Ms Greensill protested her innocence.
But in June 2010 a jury found her guilty of nine of 20 charges, all relating to an alleged incident in a tent in her backyard.

Criminal lawyer Robert Stary, who took on the case a year after Ms Greensill's conviction, said in 30 years of practice it was very rare for him to be so strident about a person's innocence.

"Right from the very outset, we thought that there was something untoward about that conviction," he said.
For Mr Stary, much of the evidence in the case "didn't stack up".

"The thing that struck me most is the complete implausibility of the allegations," he said.
"Their description of the events really beggars belief."

In a unanimous appeal decision in November 2012, three Supreme Court judges acquitted Ms Greensill and quashed all convictions.
"They were incredulous as to the nature of the evidence and the conviction," Mr Stary said of the judges' decision.
The judges gave nine reasons for their decision, including "a real likelihood" the two complainants had collaborated and "a real possibility of concoction".
They also cited considerable inconsistency in the evidence of the men, a lack of medical and forensic evidence, and a possible financial motive relating to the prospect of compensation.

Victoria Police said a Special Crime Investigation unit was considering whether to investigate the men who made the allegations in relation to possible perjury, perverting the course of justice and conspiracy.
But Ms Toohey is angry she and her sister have heard nothing from the police since January.

Ms Greensill said she has spent well in excess of $200,000 to defend herself since the case began.
Mr Stary said it was unacceptable there were no consequences for those responsible for what happened to Ms Greensill.

Mr Stary believes the Victorian Government should be accepting responsibility.
"In light of what the Court of Appeal has said, this case should never have gone before a jury," he said.

Ms Greensill's family said their experience of the judicial system was a warning to others.
"She was innocent," Ms Toohey said. "If it could happen to her, it could happen to anybody."


Yes, people can say anything about you these days...the cops obviously believe them, charge you, next minute you're in court before a jury accused of heinous crimes, on trial for your life, then convicted and tossed in prison...when all the time you're innocent.
What investigating do the cops actually do?  not a lot it would seem.
Where was the evidence in Ms Greensill's case?

Trouble is, in our joke of a legal system these days you're guilty until proven innocent.
You're charged with no evidence ...good luck proving that you're innocent in today's "everyone's a paedophile"/"the cops charged him/her so they must be guilty" climate.

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Makes me wonder how many males have also been wrongly accused!


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I'm looking for someone like this as well. It's great, really The opportunity to talk.



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