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Title: Blasts from the past
Post by: Chris on March 14, 2021, 04:11:08 PM
I've been a hoarder for longer than I can remember. I can demonstrate this with two examples, both tech based. They are receipts for our first even *real* computer, an Amstrad PCW 8256 bought in January 1986 for the princely sum of £478.75, and our *next* new computer, an Amstrad 1640 which costs us £1,780.20 back in 1988.

I have said many times if it wasn't for the old PCW I'd never have managed to complete my first degree but as a struggling student the price was a lot to carry but well worth it. The 1640 was more of a luxury purchase but we'd outgrown the capabilities of the PCW so was really a necessity. Even so, both were expensive investments. The cost of the 1640 *then* converts to over $3,000 in todays money... and that's without taking inflation into account!! :)