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What's going on in the USA??


Today we learn that Donald Trump has somehow managed to beat out all the potentially 'better qualified' candidates to become the Republican candidate for the US Presidency and, by default, leader of the free world. The question is *how*.

He has no political experience, has never held office, has very shaky business acumen and his speeches have been filled with all sorts of extreme right-wing polemic. He's attacked 'foreigners', said he'll make Mexico build a wall across their shared border to stop immigrants, derided women, attacked pro-choice and gay marriage... yet is still leading the party of Abraham Lincoln.

The fear is that to maintain a level of popularity or simply out of inexperience or ineptitude he'll initiate a major world conflict. The world is horrified by this development.

So how on earth have we arrived at a situation where someone like Trump could even be considered as a potential President? I'm all for democracy but this is insane!

Hi Chris,

If it makes you feel any better many Americans do not want Trump as our President. For the ones who do and this is coming from my personal experience in discussing it with several of them, it's their disdain for big government. Since I've never been to Australia I do not know how uninformative your media outlets are but here they are terrible and the amount of factual information you can really obtain from them is close to nothing. The sad thing is most Trump supporters for the most part are good people but they are often ignorant on anything outside their own personal lives and ESPECIALLY when it comes to things outside of the US. There are plenty of Americans who would be upset with Trump as our President and unfortunately it's a possibility. 

Every politician had to start somewhere at some time. None, that I know of, were born with that experience.

kim from usa:
I think there is a lot of support for him because he does not represent a good,old boy system in our politics that has completely failed the working class. We have one side representing the rich and the bible thumpers and the other representing the poor who are on government handouts and minorities, gays, illegal immigrants etc. No one is representing the working class and this is what Trump has realised.
There are places with high unemployment and people out of work a long time, and they naturally resent an in pouring of illegal immigrants taking what few jobs there are. Congress has set on it laurels while most of the good paying manufacturing jobs have gone overseas and the working class has gotten poorer. Most people don't know or remeber this but Hillary was on the board of directors of WalMart and was certainly not a friend to the employees there.
Her whole policy, just like that of Obama, is based upon eliminating freedom of choice.
They now force people to buy medical insurance they cannot afford or face an ever increasing fine. Now she is speaking of mandating high speed internet in every home. What if someone does not want it or the bill. They are ignorant of the basic laws of supply and demand. When the government mandates that you buy something, what do you think is going to happen to the price of it.? The very thing that keeps a price honest is when people have the freedom to say "that is too expensive and I am not buying it". If people quit buying then they have to lower the price.
Sorry, just venting a bit here, so people will know the other side of things. Also, we have an extremely biased media that favor one party most of the time and certainly favor the good old boy political system that we have. We are headed very quickly to a single party system due to the media. I can remember a time when there was media that informed people without trying to vilify one party while purposely ignoring anything bad of the other.

Again, interesting read and good to hear what you have to say. Much of it reminded me of the fact that Australia now seems to be heading towards  "two-class" society. The haves and the have-nots.


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