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Hi, from US here.

I am new to this forum and this is one of the big reasons I came here,  and that is I wanted to try and get some insight on your views on guns, gun laws, and especially mass shootings. As you know in the US getting a gun is rather easy and sadly we have too many mass shootings. My question for you Aussies is since your shooting in 1996 has there been any mass shootings? What types of laws were passed after the shooting in 96 and in your personal opinion how do you view your gun control laws vs US gun laws?

P.S. if you aren't from Australia please mention what country you are from.

We had a buy back scheme. Not 100% effective, but certainly did take many guns off the streets. Does the US actually have gun laws? Don't seem to be working.

kim from usa:
Gun laws are unconstitutional in the US. Gun ownership is a right. To change that, congress would have to approve a change to the constitution and then it would have to be ratified by 3/4 of the state legislatures. It was written in the belief that an armed population can never be an oppressed population. We have way more guns than people and its rediculous to think that any measure is going to get them all. Every once in a while, someone takes a gun law to court and it gets repealed or abolished, but still some keep trying to bypass the constitution rather than try and change it. They have my contempt. I believe that Mao Ze Dung was correct when he said political power comes from the barrel of a gun. If only the government has guns, then they will have absolute power and absolute control.

Hi Kim, good to read your view on the gun laws etc. we were in the US this time last year and spoke to a lot of the locals during our travels, we were questioned numerous times as to how we would protect ourselves etc given the "lack of guns". We on the other hand were shocked to hear people telling us that they had a loaded gun in every room. I'm not sure if they were exaggerating, but we found it all a little over the top.

kim from usa:
There are some gun nuts. I have guns but probably not looked at one in a year or more. The good thing is that those with a lot of guns know the laws better than the cops and stick to them. One benefit is that we don't have as many things stolen.


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